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About the Name: The Light Comes From the East 光从东方来

ex oriente lux is a Latin phrase, meaning the sun raising from the east. Our aim is to introduce the eastern churches to the Chinese speaking people. From a historical and geographical perspective and camparing with the Catholic and Protestant in the west (mainly in the Western Europe and American) , the eastern churches primarily includes the Orthodox churches (mainly Greek and Russian), Syriac churches, Coptic churches, Armenian churches, Ethiopian churches, and even Chinese churches (since it is located in East Asia).

Our Vision

First, We take a hitorical and geographical approach——that is the angle of eastern churches, not Protestant and Catholic, to the eastern churches.

Second, academic research is our means and foundation, but it is not our purpose. Our purpose is to pleasing God in our real life.

Third, Our purpose is mainly to introduce the tradition of the estern churches through translation and academic researches, to fill the gap (at least ardity) of eastern churches in Chinese world.

Fourth, our co-workers and scholars should be Christians. All of them have the basic methodology of “building the house on the rock” (cf. Matt. 7:24-27).

Fifth, cultivating the future generation of Christian scholars.

Sixth, we fulfill the needs of the kowledge about the eastern churches in the academic level; and at the same time, we also cover the pastoral needs of the churches and the practical purpose of the Christians for Chinese speakers.

What are we doing?

First,Translations and pulications: 1) the tranlations of primary sources from its original language; 2) the tranlsations of modern academic researches.

Our translation project will be divided into two part:

1) Concerning the ancient classic Church litereture, we will tranlsate them into Chinese from its original language, that is from Greek, Syriac, Latin, Coptic and so on (of course, we will also concern their tranlsations in modern languages) . Our goal is to publish these translations not only for the conventional of Chinese academic level, but also for the more general Chinese readers. Our website will share sections of our tranlations for tasting the Patristic thoughts and their spirituality.

This Project’s details as following.

First draft: Philokalia introduction (《爱神集导读版》), I translated ten articles of Philokalia according to the instruction of the Philokalia class I took with Fr. Maximos Constas in Holy Cross Hennelic College in 2016. For the sections on this website, please see.

Ongoing: The Spirituality of St. Basil (《巴西尔灵修选集》), I just translated the part of his spiritual letters, right now, I am translating his Long Rules.

Ongoing: Hymns On Paradise (天堂之歌) by St. Ephrem the Syrian.

2) Concerning the modern academic research about the primary sources, we will translate the books and articles of famous scholars in the eastern churches into Chinese, so that on the one hands, the readers can know how the modern scholars’ interpretations of the primary sources, on the other hands, our project can keep up the steps of modern academic researches.

The details of this project as following.

Ware, Kallistos. “St. Nikodimos and the Philokalia .” In The Philokalia : A Classic Text of Orthodox Spirituality, edited by Brock Bingaman, Bradley Nassif, and Inc ebrary, 9–35. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Fr. Maximos Constas. “Nothing is Greater than Divine Love’: Evagrios of Pontos, St Maximos the Confessor, and the Philokalia.” In Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, edited by Andreas Andreopoulos and Graham Speake, 57–74. New York: Peter Lang, 2016.

The Jesus Prayer: Method from Sophrony, Archimandrite. His Life Is Mine (Crestwood, N.Y.: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1977), 112-120.

Note: Right now, we don’t have a specific publishing company to publish our translations, So if anyone knows any possibility of this, please let us know.

Second, Academic researches: 1) The Light from the East(《光从东方来期刊》) ; 2) blogs (博文) ; 3) Eastern Churches (《东方教会》)

1) The journal of The Light from the East (《光从东方来期刊》) is quarterly publication with specific themes, notes and bibliogrphy. It serves for general Chinese readers.

The details of this project as following.

2) the blogs includes reader questions and answers and some thoughts and events from the daily life.

3) The journal of Eastern Churches (《东方教会》) will be our next step when the scholars and fundings are well established. This journal will specifically serve for the Chinese academic scholars. However its initial step begins with the tranlsations of modern academic researches on above.

Third, the education aspect will includes 1) the free academic lectures and 2) Areopagus Workshop

1) About free academic lectures, we will invite the Christian scholars (Cross denominations) on the eastern church to have the lectures for the Chinese audience.

We welcome all Christian scholars who interested in envinglizing the Chinese speakers into Orthodox (or generally the eastern churches) to join this project. We will offer the simultaneous interpretation for the scholars who speak in english or other modern languaes. We will share these lectures through Youtube and other network disks.

If any of you interested in this project, please do not hesitate to contact me with this email: areopagusworkshop@gmail.com; Or you have a wechat, you can scan this:

The details of this project is following.

Nov. 11, 2022: The sayings of desert fathers: an introduction by Yongjia Yuan

Nov. 25, 2022: The welfare built by St. Basil by Daniel Li


2) Areopagus Workshop is a online study workshop for anyone who interested in further studies of eastern churches. Our teachers will come from the scholars in free academic lectures. The classes will divided into three catagories: (1) general studies classes, including the church history, general intrucation of Bible studies; (2) specified classes, such as the spiritual, liturgical, canonical classes; (3) ancient language classes, such as the Ancient Greek, Syriac, Latin, Coptic, Russian, Sogdian.

The details of this project is following.

(1) general studies classes: Jesus and Apostolic Fathers, the Church history Second seasons from apostolic fathers to 400 AD: Latin tradition ten classes, Greek tradition ten classes, Syriac tradition ten classes.

(2) specified classes: Philokalia introdcution class, the Saying of desert fathers: an introduction class.

(3) ancient language classes: the elementary Greek, the Intermediate Greek

Our ministries are serving the Chinese speakers by introducing the eastern churches, especially the Orthodox. May the light coming from the incarnation also shining to all Chinese speakers. If anyone interested in our ministries and projects above, please let us know through this email: areopagusworkshop@gmail.com.

If you want to make a donation for our ministries, please click here.

About me

Yongjia Yuan
  • 2021-2024                      SOAS University of London, MPhil/PhD Candidate
  • 2019-2021                      Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, MTS (Syriac Christianity)
  • 2017-2018                      Hellenic College Holy Cross, ThM (Greek Patristic Spirituality)
  • 2015-2017                      Hellenic College Holy Cross, MTS (Christianity and History)

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